Water Plant Electrical Mechanical Technician Operator Jobs

Jobs in KSA – For Water Plant / Sewage Treatment Plant –

All the positions should have experience of working in Water plant I Sewage treatment plant – STP
1 Electrical Technician
Mechanical Electrical Diploma/ ITINocational Technical certificate with Minimum 5 years of experience. Performs the design, installation, maintenance and repair of electrical, and process control systems and equipment, including motor control centers, variable frequency drives, process instrumentation, computer hardware, SCADA systems, and other equipment employed in the operation of the water and wastewater treatment.
2 Mechanical Technician
is responsible for keeping WTP & STP plants operating by repairing any problems when are discovered. A Mechanical Technician will usually be required to perform a wide range of repair tasks around a WTP & STP.” Mechanical diploma/ TIN vocational Technical certificate with Minimum 5 years of experience.
3 Operator
Diploma/I I Notational Technical certificate with Minimum 5 years of experience. aspect equipment regularly. Monitor operating conditions, meters, and gauges. Collect and test water samples. Record meter and gauge readings and operational data. Clean and maintain equipment, tanks, filter beds, and other work areas. Follow Environmental regulations. Ensure safety standards are met. Adding chemicals.

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